Financial Advising

Are you interested in investing in your child’s future? Are you a business owner or high income professional? Are you saving for retirement? No matter what your financial questions or goals, we will provide expert advice and point you toward solutions that will provide you with protection, security, and peace of mind.

Investing In Your Child's Future
When we think about our children, we think about the future and what is in store for them. We want the best for them and to give them a step up in life. At Steinbach Financial, we understand this. That is why we want you to understand your options when it comes to securing your child’s future with financial products. Below are some of the most common options available for your children:

Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)
Savings Account
Life Insurance
Critical Illness

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Business Owner or High Income Professional
Steinbach Financial provides business owners, professional corporations, and high income professionals with specifically targeted investment opportunities and planning strategies for your unique financial needs. Individually or combined with others, any one of these strategies will add significant financial, risk management, and/or tax-savings benefits to a new or existing financial plan:

Infinite Banking Concept
Create your own guaranteed source of increasing capital to finance business and personal expenses for the rest of your life and future generations.

Business Owner Retirement Savings Plan (BRSP)
Retire early with a BRSP and save up to 20% more than utilizing traditional RRSP accounts.

Three Pillars of Tax Strategy
Multiply personal income tax savings by up to 20% or more utilizing the three CRA accepted tax-advantaged vehicles together: Taxable Income Conversion, Tax-Deferral, and Tax-Free Income.

Split Dollar Critical Illness Protection
Protect your business and family from a critical illness while building a guaranteed savings plan and opportunity for tax-efficiently transfer of corporate dollars outside your business.

Private Health Spending Plan (PHSP)
A qualified PHSP allows you to use corporate dollars to receive a 100% TAX-FREE personal health benefit and a 100% business tax-deduction for your corporation. 

If you own a business or earn a significant income and have not heard of one or more of these strategies to enhance and protect your business or personal wealth, please contact us to schedule an appointment.
Saving For Retirement
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